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Organization Membership (Regular & Senior) is open to all individuals from the age of 18 years to upwards (students, youths, men and women), corporate entities (community based organisations, cooperatives, youth groups, women groups, NGOs, government agencies, businesses, schools etc) whose primary objectives and functions are consistent with the purposes of the Pole Star.

As a Volunteer

As we believe that volunteer can make a difference with their ability to work hard with courage to face and make impossible things possible, that is why we have created a platform where Volunteers can register themselves and offer their services to work with us. We can utilize volunteers skills to make this world a better place to live.

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Your little help can make a marked change in lives of others.

As an Individual
You can sponsor a part or a whole project.
As an Organization
You can sponsor our short term or long term projects.

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We seeks supporters
  • that embrace our vision and mission
  • that believe in our mission and want to realize it with us
  • that are interested in building up relationships for valuable networking for our projects

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One person cannot possibly make a difference. However, if many people work at making their efforts the planet as a whole can become safer and better place to live.

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