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Title The Role of a Career Guidance Teacher

The Role of a Career Guidance Teacher

Guidance counseling started about 100 years ago with caring teachers that helped their students plan for their future. By the early 1900's, students had more occupational and educational options so guidance counseling became a profession. Today's students opportunities are more varied but so are the problems and concerns of our society. Changes in our society seem to happen rapidly and the amount of new information people are expected to absorb seems to be growing just as quickly. All of these factors emphasize the need for trained guidance counselors to help students learn to lead meaningful and satisfying life.

The focus of a career guidance teacher is on steering high school and college students into professions that fit their strong points and natural talents.


A guidance teacher allows students to talk about their natural talents and abilities in a comfortable environment, so that sound advice about a student's future plans can be given.

Administering Tests

A guidance counselor is also qualified to administer career placement tests. The results reveal whether a student should pursue math or science-related careers like engineering or computer programming, or liberal arts opportunities like composing music or publishing magazines.

Meeting with Parents

Family counseling sessions will make parents more aware of their children natural talents, and the counselor may provide reading materials that will help parents to enhance these natural abilities at home.

College Applications

Guidance counselors that work in high schools are focused on preparing students for college. A counselor's office should be filled with financial aid forms and information, as well as material about job placement programs to help students finalize their post-high school plans.

After High School

Guidance counseling in college is especially important as well; the position will require making students aware of any policy changes concerning their majors. But the role of listening and helping a student sort out his career ambitions is still necessary, since college is the time that many final career decisions are made.

Develop a Child Agent of Change
Sponsor a child from higher secondary education to higher education (PhD). The success of a child from underpriviliged areas acts as catalyst for the accelerated educational growth.

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